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Hand Stretched Slab: Cups

1 Day Workshop

Class Date: Saturday, July 31 from 3:00pm-5:30pm

Instructor: Kay Babineau

Learn to make a clay slab by hand without the use of a slab roller. A useful technique for anyone that does not own a slab roller or a wheel and wants to make cups and other functional and sculptural pieces.

In this class we will be focusing on learning to throw a slab by hand and out of that slab making a cup and decorating it by adding clay decoration: the use of stripes, dots, swirls, flowers and stars among other things.

The cup will then be bisque fired and glazed white, to be picked up two weeks later, on August 14th, between 10 am and 3 pm.

Adults 16+

Members: $61.20
Non-Members: $68.00

Maximum 8 people


No fee, materials included with class price

Wear closed toed shoes. All tools at the Jansen Art Center Clay room will be available. You do not need to buy anything special or bring any tools.

We will be using a round edge flexible scraping rib tool, cloth covered board, a straight edged ruler to measure and cut along, a small artists paint brush, size 8, a dull kitchen knife, slip and a scoring tool.